In this mindset, you can be intentional. 
You can choose what to say and do.

When you are present, with adults or with children,
you are fully in the moment. You pause to become aware of your own thoughts and feelings.  You think about and decide how you can adjust to make the interaction work.  In this frame of mind, you can be intentional, deciding what to say and do to deepen your relationship and extend learning.

Let the person know you see them, are interested and want to spend time together.

Connecting means letting the adult or child know that you see them, are interested in what they are doing and want to spend time with them. As you observe and approach in a way that builds upon the trust between you, the person will be more open to explore and learn.

Use your relationship to stretch knowledge, skills and understanding together.

A Powerful Interaction® is a teachable moment – a chance for skillful and intentional teaching and for
you to stay open to learning too.  Because you
are focused on the other person, you can decide
what to say and do stretch that person’s
thinking and knowledge just a bit.